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Your Adventure starts here

Adventure Moreton Island is your one stop shop with a wide range of activities including snorkeling, kayaking, glass bottom boat cruises, scuba diving, parasailing and much more!  See the beauty of Moreton Island in full swing over at Tangalooma Island Resort. From your ferry trip over to your activities on the island, Adventure Moreton Island has it all. Find your adventure today!

Experience Adventure Moreton Island with us! For the best range of outdoor activities and Island Day Trips! 

AMI is based at Tangalooma Island Resort so you will also have access to all Tangalooma Vendors!

All AMI Day Trip packages include return ferry transfer from Brisbane.

Meet local wildlife

dolphin feeding

Bottlenose dolphins

Moreton Island is home many Bottlenose Dolphins who visit the shores of Tangalooma each night. These are wild dolphins who have learned that if they come to shore each night they’ll be fed and who doesn’t love a free meal. The dolphin feeding is run by Eco Marines and dedicated staff to ensure the protection of the dolphins.

sea turtle

Green Sea Turtles

Moreton Island is home to 5 different species of Sea Turtles and while snorkelling the wrecks it’s not uncommon to come across one going about their day. Sea Turtles often nest on the same beaches they were born on and the temperature of the sand is what determines the sex of the turtle. Moreton Islands cool sands mean that male turtles are more likely to hatch than females.

wobbegong shark

Wobbegong Sharks

Reading the word shark probably sounds intimidating however the Wobbegong Sharks that inhabit the wrecks are harmless. These bottom-dwelling sharks spend most of their time on the sea floor eating crabs and other smaller fish. The name “Wobbegong” comes from the “Australian-Aboriginal” language meaning “shaggy beard” which refers to the many growths on the bottom of it’s mouth.