Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer tours going to the lighthouse?

No, however, Tangalooma Resort does.
You can book them directly from the resort on your arrival.

Can we book quad bikes with you?

No, however, you can book them directly from the resort on arrival.

What are the land activities included?

Beach Volley Ball, Beach Cricket, Mini Golf, Tennis, Resort Swimming Pools, Squash, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Croquet, Boule, and Soccer.


Can we buy food from the resort?

Yes. There is a convenience store, coffee shop and restaurants around the resort.

Can we bring our own food/drinks?

Absolutely, although alcohol is prohibited

Do you cancel tours due to bad weather? Do we get refund?

Yes. We make sure to cancel/reschedule/refund all bookings during bad weather conditions. Please note that cancellations should directly come from us otherwise refunds won’t be permitted.

What is your reschedule/cancellation/refund policy?

Reschedule and cancellations should be done more than 48 hours prior the travel date. Changes made less than 48 hours will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Is it okay to book even if we don’t know how to swim?

While knowing how to swim is preferred it is still okay for you to book even if you don’t know how to swim. We do provide life jackets and pool noodles.

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes. All activities on the water require life jackets.

Is there a child price?

No. However children under 3yrs can apply for free ferry transfers, unfortunately they won’t be able to attend too many activities.

What is the minimum age?

Minimum age differs per activity.

Kayak, Banana Boat, Beach Bike, Sea Scooter is 8 y/o,

SUP and Snorkel is 6 y/o

Diving is 12 y/o.

All other tours have no age limit.

Can we stay longer on the island?

Yes. You can stay 3 hours longer on the island by adding the Late Ferry option for $45 per person.

Do we need to print our vouchers?

No. Your names and confirmation numbers (which we send through email) are enough.

Is there parking available at the Wharf?

Yes. Paid & secured parking costs $15 for the whole day. Street parking is available free of charge.

What time does the ferry depart?

The ferry departs at 7.00am SHARP

What is the check-in time?

Check in starts at 6.00am

Where is the departure location

Tangalooma Wharf, 220 Holt Street, Pinkenba

Wrecks TOURS

Are all gears included? Is it okay if we bring our own?

All gear is included in our Wrecks Tour however you’re most welcome to bring your own.

How long can we use the “kayak + snorkel gear + wetsuit hire”

Up to 3 hours

When do we get to choose our 3 activities?

All activities are chosen first thing once you reach our premises on Moreton Island.

Will all 3 activities fit in 1 day? Do we still have free time?

Yes it will all fit in 1 day plus free time to spare.

What are the schedules of each activity? Do we get to choose according to our own time?

There are certain times for each tour. You’ll be able to know them once you arrive our shop on the island.


Does this include a guided snorkel tour?

No, only a snorkel gear hire for 3 hours.

How far is the wrecks area? Can we walk/kayak all the way there?

It’s 2.5 km away from the resort to the wrecks area. It would take around 25 – 30 mins to get there depending on fitness level.

Can we hire all gears at the same time?

Absolutely you can.

Clear Kayak Tour

How long is the activity? Can we use it longer?

1.5 hours. Unfortunately this tour has a fixed time.

Scuba diving tour

Are all gears included? Is it okay if we bring our own?

Yes and yes.

Do we get a certificate after the dive?

Unfortunely not.

Do we have a guide?


Is it okay if we do not bring our PADI certificate?

It is ok. You will have to fill out some dive forms to state your medical conditions and personal details. We can search your certificate on PADI.

What are the tide conditions?

The tides change 4 times a day over here. 2 times high tide and 2 time low tide.

When is the best time to dive?

Normally around tide changing time is the best time. Our instructor will plan the dive time the day before you travel.

How deep is the dive?

Between 2 & 12 metres

Where is the dive location?

At the Tangalooma Shipwrecks

How many dives do we get? Can we get more?

Package includes only 1. Yes, you can book more dives separately at our Tangatours shop after your first one.

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