Frequently Asked Questions

General Asked Questions 


Do we have to read the medical guidelines before booking? 

-> Yes, checking the medical guidelines before you book is crucial.


Is the ferry included in my booking?

-> Yes, all Adventure Moreton Island Passes include the ferry in their price. 


When do we have to check in for the ferry? 

-> Check-in starts 1 hour before your allocated departure time.


Do you offer tours that go to the lighthouse?

-> No, we do not. However, Tangalooma Resort does; you can always join one of their tours.


Can we book the Quad bikes at Tangatours?

-> No, Tangatours does not make bookings for the Quad bikes. That’s the resort’s tour desk.


What are the land activities included in my package?

-> We offer various land activities, including golf, squash, tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball, cricket and table tennis.


Can we buy food at the resort? 

-> Yes, the resort has a variety of cafes and restaurants.


Can we bring our own food and drinks?

-> Absolutely. Feel free to bring your food and drinks. However, since Tangalooma is a licensed place, you can’t bring alcohol.


Do you cancel tours due to bad weather, and do we get a refund? 

-> As mentioned in our Terms & Conditions, if the weather makes it dangerous or unpleasant to run a specific tour, we might need to cancel. If so, you get a refund, indeed. 


What are your rescheduling/cancellations and refund policy?

-> As mentioned in our Terms & Conditions these are the policies: 

– More than 48 hours before the travel date – $20 pp fee

– Less than 48 hours before the travel date – 100% cancellation fee

– No Show – 100% cancellation fee


Is it okay to book if we don’t know how to swim?

-> You can indeed book our day passes if you can’t swim. However, we suggest going out on the guided tour if you don’t have any experience in the water.


Why do we have to leave a deposit?

-> Deposits are a simple but effective way to prevent people from borrowing our stuff forever. The moment you return the tour equipment, we will release the deposit.


How long does it take for our deposit to return to our bank account?

-> It can take up to five working days for the bank to release and put the deposit back in your account. If you have not received the deposit back after more than seven working days, please send us a message on the contact page.


Can we hire the clear-bottom kayaks?

-> For various safety reasons, hiring clear-bottom kayaks is impossible. However, you can join the 1.5-hour clear-bottom kayak tour or hire a standard kayak anytime.


What time is the ferry back to Brisbane?

-> The ferry to Brisbane leaves the island at 4 pm, check-in time is 30 minutes ahead of departure. Depending on conditions you’ll arrive around 5.30 pm.

Wrecks Tour


Is all the gear included? Can we bring our own equipment? 

-> All gear is included in our wrecks tour. However, you are welcome to bring and use your own equipment.


How long is the “Kayak, Snorkel Gear & Wetsuit” hire?

-> Up to 3 hours!


When do we get to choose our three activities?

-> All activities are chosen once you reach our premises on Moreton Island.


Will all three activities fit in one day? 

-> Yes, all activities will fit in one day! You’ll even have some spare time to get that tan line going!


What are the schedules for the activities? Can we choose our own times?

-> Different tours have different times depending on multiple factors. Our friendly staff on-island will be able to assist you with the perfect itinerary.

AMI Day Pass


Does this pass include the guided snorkel tour?

-> The AMI day pass does not include a guided tour. However, it does have snorkel gear hire for up to 3 hours.


How far are the shipwrecks? Can we walk/kayak there? 

-> The shipwrecks are 2,5 km away from the resort. Depending on your fitness level, it would take about 30 minutes to get there.


Can we hire all the gear at once?

-> Absolutely! It is a smart option to kayak to the wrecks, snorkel and then kayak back!


Scuba Diving Tour


Is all the gear included? Can we bring our own equipment? 

-> All gear is included in our wrecks tour. However, you are welcome to bring and use your own equipment.


Do we get a certificate after the dive?

-> Unfortunately not. However, we do offer additional dive courses at Tangatours!


Is the Scuba Tour a guided tour? 

-> Yes, one of our dive instructors will guide you around the wrecks while pointing out the animals and cool spots!


Is it okay if we do not bring our PADI certificate?

-> You must complete dive forms to state your medical conditions and personal details. We can search for your certificate in the PADI database.


What are the tide conditions?

-> The tides change four times a day here—two times high tide and two times low tide.


When is the best time to dive?

-> Typically, around tide changing time is the best time. Our instructor will plan the dive time the day before you travel.


How deep is the dive?

-> Between 2 & 12 metres.


Where is the dive location?

-> At the Tangalooma Shipwrecks.


How many dives do we get? Can we get more?

-> Package includes only 1. You can book more dives separately at our Tangatours shop after your first one.

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